Examples of using wasm-bindgen, js-sys, and web-sys

This subsection contains examples of using the wasm-bindgen, js-sys, and web-sys crates. Each example should have more information about what it's doing.

These examples all assume familiarity with wasm-bindgen, wasm-pack, and building a Rust and WebAssembly project. If you're unfamiliar with these check out the Game of Life tutorial or wasm pack tutorials to help you get started.

The source code for all examples can also be found online to download and run locally. Most examples are configured with Webpack/wasm-pack and can be built with npm run serve. Other examples which don't use Webpack are accompanied with instructions or a build.sh showing how to build it.

Note that most examples currently use Webpack to assemble the final output artifact, but this is not required! You can review the deployment documentation for other options of how to deploy Rust and WebAssembly.