Running wasm-bindgen's Tests

Wasm Tests on Node and Headless Browsers

These are the largest test suites, and most common to run in day to day wasm-bindgen development. These tests are compiled to Wasm and then run in Node.js or a headless browser via the WebDriver protocol.

WASM_BINDGEN_SPLIT_LINKED_MODULES=1 cargo test --target wasm32-unknown-unknown

See the wasm-bindgen-test crate's for details and configuring which headless browser is used.

Sanity Tests for wasm-bindgen on the Native Host Target

This small test suite just verifies that exported wasm-bindgen methods can still be used on the native host's target.

cargo test

The Web IDL Frontend's Tests

cargo test -p webidl-tests --target wasm32-unknown-unknown

The Macro UI Tests

These tests assert that we have reasonable error messages that point to the right source spans when the #[wasm_bindgen] proc-macro is misused.

You can run these tests by running cargo test for the wasm-bindgen-macro crate:

cargo test -p wasm-bindgen-macro

The js-sys Tests

See the js-sys testing page.

The web-sys Tests

See the web-sys testing page.