Adding Support for More JavaScript Global APIs

As of 2018-09-24 we've added all APIs in the current ECMAScript standard (yay!). To that end you'll hopefully not find a missing API, but if you do please feel free to file an issue!

We currently add new APIs added to ECMAScript that are in TC39 stage 4 to this crate. If there's a new API in stage 4, feel free to file an issue as well!

Instructions for adding an API

  • Find the wasm-bindgen issue for the API you'd like to add. If this doesn't exist, feel free to open one! Afterwards be sure to comment on the issue to avoid duplication of work.

  • Open the MDN page for the relevant JS API.

  • Open crates/js-sys/src/ in your editor; this is the file where we are implementing the bindings.

  • Follow the instructions in the top of crates/js-sys/src/ about how to add new bindings.

  • Add a test for the new binding to crates/js-sys/tests/wasm/

  • Run the JS global API bindings tests

  • Send a pull request!