pub trait RefFromWasmAbi: WasmDescribe {
    type Abi: WasmAbi;
    type Anchor: Deref<Target = Self>;

    unsafe fn ref_from_abi(js: Self::Abi) -> Self::Anchor;
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A trait for anything that can be recovered as some sort of shared reference from the wasm ABI boundary.

This is the shared reference variant of the opposite operation as IntoWasmAbi.

Required Associated Types§

The wasm ABI type references to Self are recovered from.

The type that holds the reference to Self for the duration of the invocation of the function that has an &Self parameter. This is required to ensure that the lifetimes don’t persist beyond one function call, and so that they remain anonymous.

Required Methods§

Recover a Self::Anchor from Self::Abi.


Same as FromWasmAbi::from_abi.

Implementations on Foreign Types§