Trait wasm_bindgen::convert::ReturnWasmAbi

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pub trait ReturnWasmAbi: WasmDescribe {
    type Abi: WasmAbi;

    // Required method
    fn return_abi(self) -> Self::Abi;
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A trait representing how to interpret the return value of a function for the wasm ABI.

This is very similar to the IntoWasmAbi trait and in fact has a blanket implementation for all implementors of the IntoWasmAbi. The primary use case of this trait is to enable functions to return Result, interpreting an error as “rethrow this to JS”

Required Associated Types§


type Abi: WasmAbi

Same as IntoWasmAbi::Abi

Required Methods§


fn return_abi(self) -> Self::Abi

Same as IntoWasmAbi::into_abi, except that it may throw and never return in the case of Err.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<T, E> ReturnWasmAbi for Result<T, E>
where T: IntoWasmAbi, E: Into<JsValue>, T::Abi: WasmAbi<Prim3 = (), Prim4 = ()>,


type Abi = Result<<T as IntoWasmAbi>::Abi, u32>


fn return_abi(self) -> Self::Abi