pub trait FromWasmAbi: WasmDescribe {
    type Abi: WasmAbi;

    unsafe fn from_abi(js: Self::Abi) -> Self;
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A trait for anything that can be recovered by-value from the wasm ABI boundary, eg a Rust u8 can be recovered from the wasm ABI u32 type.

This is the by-value variant of the opposite operation as IntoWasmAbi.

Required Associated Types

The wasm ABI type that this converts from when coming back out from the ABI boundary.

Required Methods

Recover a Self from Self::Abi.


This is only safe to call when – and implementations may assume that – the supplied Self::Abi was previously generated by a call to <Self as IntoWasmAbi>::into_abi() or the moral equivalent in JS.

Implementations on Foreign Types