Module web_sys::gpu_buffer_usage

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This API is unstable and requires --cfg=web_sys_unstable_apis to be activated, as described in the wasm-bindgen guide


  • The GPUBufferUsage.COPY_DST const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.COPY_SRC const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.INDEX const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.INDIRECT const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.MAP_READ const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.MAP_WRITE const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.QUERY_RESOLVE const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.STORAGE const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.UNIFORM const.
  • The GPUBufferUsage.VERTEX const.