Number Slices: [u8], [i8], [u16], [i16], [u32], [i32], [u64], [i64], [f32], and [f64]

T parameter &T parameter &mut T parameter T return value Option<&T> parameter Option<T> return value JavaScript representation
No Yes Yes No No No A JavaScript TypedArray view of the Wasm memory for the boxed slice of the appropriate type (Int32Array, Uint8Array, etc)

Example Rust Usage

# #![allow(unused_variables)]
#fn main() {
use wasm_bindgen::prelude::*;

pub fn take_number_slice_by_shared_ref(x: &[f64]) {}

pub fn take_number_slice_by_exclusive_ref(x: &mut [u8]) {}


Example JavaScript Usage

import {
} from './guide_supported_types_examples';

take_number_slice_by_shared_ref(new Float64Array(100));
take_number_slice_by_exclusive_ref(new Uint8Array(100));