Supporting More Web APIs in web-sys

  1. Ensure that the .webidl file describing the interface exists somewhere within the crates/web-sys/webidls/enabled directory.

    First, check to see whether we have the WebIDL definition file for your API:

    grep -rn MyWebApi crates/web-sys/webidls
    • If your interface is defined in a .webidl file that is inside the crates/web-sys/webidls/enabled directory, skip to step (3).

    • If your interface isn't defined in any file yet, find the WebIDL definition in the relevant standard and add it as a new .webidl file in crates/web-sys/webidls/enabled. Make sure that it is a standard Web API! We don't want to add non-standard APIs to this crate.

    • If your interface is defined in a .webidl file within any of the crates/web-sys/webidls/unavailable_* directories, you need to move it into crates/web-sys/webidls/enabled, e.g.:

      cd crates/web-sys
      git mv webidls/unavailable_enum_ident/MyWebApi.webidl webidls/enabled/MyWebApi.webidl
  2. Verify that the web-sys crate still builds and that its tests still pass with the new .webidl file enabled:

    cd crates/web-sys
    cargo build
    cargo test
  3. Verify that bindings are being generated for your new API by generating the documentation and searching for the new API in it:

    cd crates/web-sys
    cargo doc --open
    # search for the new API in the opened docs
    • If the new API is not showing up in the docs, rebuild the web-sys crate with logging enabled and look for warning messages that mention your new API. Figure out why bindings weren't generated and then add support to wasm_bindgen_webidl for whatever is needed to generate your API's bindings.

      You might find it helpful to view the generated rust bindings, to see if they are what you would expect. The file will be located at target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/debug/build/web-sys-xxx/out/, where xxx is a combinations of numbers and letters that represents your build. This file is pretty unintelligable until you run rustfmt on it, like rustfmt target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/debug/build/web-sys-xxx/out/

      There are commented out lines in web-sys/ that run rustfmt as part of the build process, and this can be very helpful for debugging as any error messages with inline code will display it in a readable format.

  4. Add tests for as many of the features in the WebIDL file as possible to crates/web-sys/tests/all/. See the web-sys testing documentation for details.

    Note: Start here at 4 if the WebIDL has already been added but doesn't have full test coverage, then go back to 3 if you find any problems.

  5. If all entities in the WebIDL file have full test coverage, mark the WebIDL script in the file as complete by changing [ ] to [x].

  6. Send a pull request! 😊