🔎 Supported Binary Formats

Full Support

twiggy currently supports these binary formats:

  • ✔️ WebAssembly's .wasm format

Partial, Work-in-Progress Support

twiggy has partial, work-in-progress support for these binary formats when they have DWARF debug info:

  • ⚠ ELF
  • ⚠ Mach-O


  • ❌ PE/COFF

Although twiggy doesn't currently support these binary formats, it is designed with extensibility in mind. The input is translated into a format-agnostic internal representation (IR), and adding support for new formats only requires parsing them into this IR. The vast majority of twiggy will not need modification.

We would love to gain support for new binary formats! If you're interested in helping out with that implementation work, read this to learn how to contribute to Twiggy!