Pull Requests

All pull requests must be reviewed and approved of by at least one team member before merging. See Contributions We Want for details on what should be included in what kind of pull request.

Contributions We Want

  • Bug fixes! Include a regression test.

  • Support for more binary formats! See this issue for details.

  • New analyses and queries! Help expose information about monomorphizations or inlining. Report diffs between two versions of the same binary. Etc...

If you make two of these kinds of contributions, you should seriously consider joining our team!

Where We Need Help

  • Issues labeled "help wanted" are issues where we could use a little help from you.

  • Issues labeled "mentored" are issues that don't really involve any more investigation, just implementation. We've outlined what needs to be done, and a team member has volunteered to help whoever claims the issue to implement it, and get the implementation merged.

  • Issues labeled "good first issue" are issues where fixing them would be a great introduction to the code base.