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Rust is a systems language pursuing the trifecta: safety, concurrency, and speed.

WebAssembly is a stack-based virtual machine and instruction set. It is fast, safe, portable, and part of the open Web platform. By compiling to WebAssembly, we can run Rust code on the Web!

This is a weekly summary of Rust and WebAssembly’s progress and community.

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Wasm at the 2019 Rust All Hands

The 2019 Rust All Hands meetup was in Berlin on February 4th through 8th. @ag_dubs, @alexcrichton, @fitzgen, and @yoshuawuyts from the Rust and WebAssembly working group all made it out to discuss some Wasm-related topics and plan for 2019.

We talked about:

  • The road to wasm-pack 1.0. This meeting was about trying to pin down what we want to ship as part of a wasm-pack 1.0 release, as well as crystallize wasm-pack’s ideal UX.

  • A modular toolkit for Wasm. There’s been a lot of talk in #RustWasm2019 posts and the 2019 roadmap RFC about building a modular toolkit for Wasm apps and libraries. This meeting was trying to dig a bit more into the details of what that entails. And naming, of course.

  • cargo build tasks, hooks, and/or post-build.rs for Wasm. Long-term (likely on the timeline of a couple years) we would like the experience of building Rust and Wasm projects to be exactly the same as building normal Rust projects: just cargo build and that’s it. But there is a bunch of stuff that needs to happen for Wasm after rustc emits a Wasm binary, such as generate JS bindings or run wasm-opt. This meeting was about how to add some sort of generic build hooks to cargo and turn wasm-pack into an implementation of those generic hooks specifically targeted for Wasm development.

  • Multithreading Wasm and rayon. This meeting was about how we take our experimental Wasm multithreading support and turn it into a reliable library that can serve as the foundation for multithreading on the Web. @CUViper from the rayon team also joined, and we made a plan for how to get rayon working in Wasm.

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