Welcome to an overview of the documentation provided by the Rust and WebAssembly Working Group. All of these projects are managed by the working group; there are other unofficial documentation resources as well!

Many of these resources take the form of “books”; we collectively call these “The Rust and WebAssembly Bookshelf.” Some are large, some are small.

Learn about Rust and WebAssembly

If you’d like to learn about Rust and WebAssembly, this is the spot for you! All of these resources assume that you have programmed a little bit of Rust and that you have some familiarity with JavaScript. If you want to learn how to use Rust in your web browser, these resources are a great place to get started:

The Rust Wasm Book

The Rust Wasm Book describes how to use Rust and WebAssembly together. There’s a tutorial to create an end to end project using Rust and WebAssembly and finally the book concludes with reference sections full of general, good-to-know information to explore more with Rust and WebAssembly.

Dive Into Rust and WebAssembly

If you’d like a deeper dive into Rust and WebAssembly, these resources are for you. These books are good to look into after you’ve gone through the tutorial in The Rust Wasm Book or you already have some familiarity with Rust, WebAssembly, and JavaScript. These books go into more depth about the Rust WebAssembly tools and crates.

The wasm-bindgen Guide

The wasm-bindgen Guide covers the wasm-bindgen tool and crate. wasm-bindgen is a Rust library and CLI tool that facilitate high-level interactions between wasm modules and JavaScript. This is great to read if you’re seeking more information about how wasm-bindgen works, what more you can do with it, and other references for the wasm-bindgen tool and related crates. There’s also information on how you can contribute to the wasm-bindgen tool, if you’re curious.

The wasm-pack Book

The wasm-pack Book covers the Rust to WebAssembly workflow tool. This book covers prerequistes, project setup, and available commands for wasm-pack. The wasm-pack book has quick start guides to using generated templates and highlights how the workflow with those templates works so you can get a working Rust and WebAssembly project up, running, and deployed fast. If you’re interested in contributing to wasm-pack, you will find all that information at the end of this book too!