We’ve just published wasm-pack version 0.5.0! This release is by far the largest wasm-pack release we’ve made so far. We finally have the Rust and WebAssembly workflow we’ve always dreamed of. Yes, details will change in the future (and most likely in semver-breaking ways), but wasm-pack has found its niche and is well on the way to filling it.

What is wasm-pack? wasm-pack is your one-stop shop for building and testing Rust-generated WebAssembly, as well as publishing it to NPM.

wasm-pack build is effectively incremental now. It will automatically Do The Right Thing with wasm-bindgen binary installs: find the exact correct version and cache installs so that re-builds are speedy.

wasm-pack test let’s you run Rust unit tests in Node.js or headless browsers via the WebDriver protocol and wasm-bindgen-test. Furthermore, it is easy to run tests in headless browsers; a task which usually involves the banging of head to wall. But wasm-pack will transparently download, cache, and configure WebDriver clients for you — no more head ache.

Also, wasm-pack got a Website and it has pre-built binaries for common architectures and operating systems, so installing wasm-pack is a breeze 🌬️


To learn more about these new features — and everything about the 0.5.0 release — read wasm-pack’s CHANGELOG.md!

Friends 💖

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this wasm-pack release!

  • Alex Crichton
  • Ashley Williams
  • Eduard Kyvenko
  • Erick Tryzelaar
  • Hendrik Sollich
  • Ian Duke
  • Mackenzie Clark
  • Mason Stallmo
  • Michael Gattozzi
  • Nick Fitzgerald
  • Nik Graf
  • Spencer Wilson
  • Sven Sauleau
  • Tyler Wilcock
  • Yuval Kohavi
  • ashley williams
  • csmoe
  • data-pup