We’ve just published the js-sys crate on crates.io!

The js-sys crate contains raw #[wasm_bindgen] bindings to all the global APIs guaranteed to exist in every JavaScript environment by the ECMAScript standard. It does not contain bindings to any Web- or Node-specific APIs. With the js-sys crate, we can work with Objects, Arrays, Functions, Maps, Sets, etc… without writing the #[wasm_bindgen] imports by hand.

For example, we can invoke JavaScript Function callbacks and time how long they take to execute with Date.now(), and we don’t need to write any JS imports ourselves:

extern crate js_sys;
extern crate wasm_bindgen;
use wasm_bindgen::prelude::*;

pub fn timed(callback: &js_sys::Function) -> f64 {
    let then = js_sys::Date::now();
    callback.apply(JsValue::null(), &js_sys::Array::new()).unwrap();
    let now = js_sys::Date::now();
    now - then

The js-sys crate isn’t quite 100% feature complete yet. There are still some JavaScript types and methods that we don’t have bindings for. If you want to help js-sys cross the finish line, check out this issue!

Also, as mentioned above, the js-sys crate doesn’t contain bindings to any Web APIs like document.querySelectorAll. These will be part of the web-sys crate, which is mechanically generated from WebIDL interface definitions. We need help with web-sys too! If you want to help with web-sys, check out its contributing documentation and issues labeled “web-sys”.

Finally, a SUPER HUGE thank you to the 34 people who have contributed to the js-sys crate thus far! 💖

  • Alexander Kryvomaz
  • Alex Crichton
  • belfz
  • Chris Kolodin
  • Craig Disselkoen
  • data-pup
  • Dimitrii Nemkov
  • gaurikholkar
  • Herman J. Radtke III
  • Ivan Enderlin
  • Jannik Keye
  • Johannes Henninger
  • Jonathan Sundqvist
  • Kevin Hoffman
  • kzvi
  • Lachezar Lechev
  • Liigo Zhuang
  • Marcin Baraniecki
  • Matias Insaurralde
  • Matt Long
  • Michael Hoffmann
  • Nick Fitzgerald
  • R. Andrew Ohana
  • robertdurst
  • Satoshi Amemiya
  • Sendil Kumar
  • Stephan Renatus
  • Tim Ryan
  • T. Nagasawa
  • Tomohide Takao
  • toversus
  • Tyler Laing
  • Tyler Wilcock
  • xeqlol