wasm-pack is a Command Line Interface tool written in Rust, and distributed with cargo. As a result, you'll need Rust and cargo to use wasm-pack.

Installing Rust and Cargo

To install Rust, visit this page, which will walk you through installing Rust and cargo on your machine using a tool called rustup.

To confirm you have Rust and cargo installed, run:

rustc --version
cargo --version

Rust Versions

wasm-pack depends on a library called wasm-bindgen. wasm-bindgen requires that you use Rust 1.30.0 or higher. This version is currently only available on the nightly or beta channels.

To get the correct version of Rust, you'll use rustup a Rust version manager that comes bundled with Rust. Run this command to install the latest Rust on the beta channel:

rustup install beta

You can set your project directory to always use this version of Rust by running:

rustup override set beta