wasm-pack is a brand new tool designed to make packaging up binaries that include wasm (that may or may not have JS in them) and make publishing them on npm easy to do. We can't necessarily distribute Rust code to developers directly and expect them to build it from scratch. npm is used to install packages for frontend work but it doesn't know how to compile Rust! With wasm though it's not a problem. Once it's compiled it's all good to go. However, getting it ready to be distributed, packaging it up properly for npm, and then sending it to npm can be a bit of a hassle. wasm-pack is here to make that easier.

We'll step through creating a simple Rust library, using wasm-pack to get it ready for distribution, sending it to npm, then using it as a package from npm to verify it works!

As with all software in the early stages, this is bleeding edge! Expect some nicks and bruises! If you run into issues or a bug please file an issue over at it's repo.